P5 Riso Printing

Integrated Digital Media Faculty: Tega Brain, Luke Dubois

With the increase in time people spend looking at screens, comes the necessity of better understanding how to deal with digital images and graphics. Knowing how to manipulate images through programming is an emerging way of digital design, which is why the p5.js team decided= to focus its efforts on effective ways of performing Image Processing. This project experimented with image manipulation in p5.js with the intention of creating example sketches and laying out a beginner friendly way of performing Image Processing. Using OpenProcessing, the team was able to generate easy to follow coding examples that are open resources to anyone interested in learning more about the subject. In addition to that, in-depth tutorials were published using GitHub pages so that students could have access to the back-end logic of Image Processing and apply that knowledge as their creativity desires.

Using the knowledge acquired through researching Image Processing, the team moved on to assist in the development of a Risograph Library for p5.js, with the intention of creating a platform, within p5.js, in which people could code while having the logic of Risograph Printing in mind

See the results of the riso and p5js print research.