DIY Assistive Technology

Faculty Amy Hurst As the Internet and web-enabled technologies become ubiquitous and there is greater need for web-related jobs, there is a lack of diversity and representation by persons with disabilities. One factor contributing to this is that the production of web technologies presents various accessibility barriers for individuals that …

P5 Riso Printing

Integrated Digital Media Faculty: Tega Brain, Luke Dubois With the increase in time people spend looking at screens, comes the necessity of better understanding how to deal with digital images and graphics. Knowing how to manipulate images through programming is an emerging way of digital design, which is why the …


Integrated Digital Media Faculty and PI Kathleen McDermott The Sunbots project is an exercise in speculative design, centered on crafting robotic appendages for houseplants. The robotic base, recharged by solar panels, gives the plant autonomous motion to search for sunlight. As an open-source project, a core objective is to create …

Equipment Room

Insurance is needed to rent equipment. Our equipment room is located in 370 Jay street Room 366.

We have
– Cameras
– Lighting Kits
– Headphones
– Mics
– Kinects
– Projectors
– Speakers
– and More

Here is a more specific list of IDM equipment.
Note this list may either be missing equipment or have equipment listed we no longer have due to broken or lost items.

Print Lab

With courses in visual foundation and comics and visual storytelling, we also try to equip our students with print technology to allow for maximum creativity. To allow that we have:Located in 370 Jay street 3rd floor room 351– Risograph printer (which has a club and research around it)– Large format …

XR Lab

IDM is deeply invested in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and the promise of extended reality. With coursework in AR, Unity, motion capture, Unreal, VR, 3D modeling and animation, IDM has world-class expertise and tools for exploring these technologies. The XR Lab supports courses, student experimentation, and faculty research. …

MicroEnvironment Exploration Lab Presents at the Biodesign Summit

Elizabet Henaff’s MicroEnvironment class not only showcased their innovative ways of experimenting with design and biology, they presented this work at the Biodesign summit. @winyoe, @whisthiswhis, Chenshan and @nukumanu took their presentations and presented to follow bio design practitioners at the Biodesign Summit@biodesigned.

The NYU Ability Project

The NYU Ability Project, a joint research initiative with the Occupational Therapy Department (NYU Steinhardt) and the Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU Tisch) supports research in client-centered, assistive technology and adaptive design for people with disabilities.  The Ability Project is an interdisciplinary research space dedicated to the intersection between disability and …

Research: the Brooklyn Experimental Media Center (BxmC)

The Brooklyn Experimental Media Center (BxmC) is the research arm of IDM at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. The BxmC provides an interdisciplinary environment for media research at NYU Tandon, partnering faculty and students from the Integrated Digital Media program with collaborators from across NYU, New York City, and beyond. …