Fannie Pan, IDM BS 2017

UI/UX designer using research and passion to design for a cause.

Website: | LinkedIn:

Where do you currently work?

Celmatix (New York, NY)

What’s your hometown?

Chinatown (LES), NYC

Why did you choose IDM as a major?

Growing up, I was the creative black sheep in the family. While everyone else wanted to go into business, I wanted to apply for art school. However, in high school I started to get more interested in technology which led me to start out as a computer science major freshmen year at NYU. That obviously changed once I heard about the IDM program and it helped bridged the gap between my creative and technical side.

What’s your favorite thing about IDM & why?

I was able to meet professors who were willing to put in 100% of their time to make a difference in the classroom and outside of the classroom. I learned a great deal about the industry because of them.

How do you describe IDM to others?

Safe space for individuals to express themselves through different mediums of technology in a creative way.

What was your favorite IDM class and why?

It’s really hard to choose my favorite because I have multiple favorite classes. One of them is Ideation and Prototyping because it introduced me to the world of UI/UX design and research. That class kick-started my career choice/path. My other favorite class(es) has to be DeAngela’s VFS and motion graphics classes because of how we always had time to get class feedback/criticism. As a designer, I want to get feedback from everyone because I am making something for the consumers and not myself. Getting feedback helps me grow and learn new things.

What companies have you done internships with?

Mango Concepts and Viacom (BET Media)

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on multiple projects within Celmatix on the Fertilome genetic test package design, website design, and marketing materials. Another project I am a part of is Polaris which is a web-based data analytics platform to help optimize patient management and counseling.

What’s your favorite spot in Brooklyn?

I feel like a lot of people will list Dumbo as their favorite spot but honestly this is my go to spot since freshmen year. I used to walk to Dumbo with my friends and sit by the water or explore the different piers through that area. There’s always something that is going on so it is always a surprise when I visit.

Who are the artists / designers / creative technologists that inspire your work?

Chris Do, the founder of Futur. I watch a lot of his videos on YouTube to learn more about how creatives can become entrepreneurs. I also really love Caterina Bianchini’s design as they are modern but color approaches. Lastly, I follow around 800 artists/designers/creatives on behance whom I really love getting inspiration from.

What is your favorite media title? (i.e. book, website, game, music, performance, etc.)

Youtube because it is where I go to find resources and tutorials on different design tools. YouTube is also my top choice because it is where I go on my down time to catch up on tv shows from South korea and hong kong.