Corinna Vong, IDM BS 2018

UI/UX and Graphic Designer who enjoys creating clear and intuitive experiences for users.


What’s your hometown?

Cupertino, CA

Why did you choose IDM as a major?

Initially, I had an interest in video post-production. During my work on various video projects I began to explore different areas of digital media, which I found to be fascinating. IDM gave me the opportunity to pursue specific topics in the field of digital media while offering a unique balance of technology and creativity. This was important as it allowed me to develop my technical abilities as I explored my artistic side. In addition, the ability to learn and live in one of the most stimulating and exciting cities in the world, made the IDM program the right choice for me.

What’s your favorite thing about IDM & why?

Honestly, my favorite thing about the IDM program is the group of instructors. They continuously encourage creativity while offering coursework and meaningful projects that prepare students for work in the real world. They are always available, and working with them has allowed me to explore and discover new subjects I’ve since become passionate about.

How do you describe IDM to others?

I describe IDM as a great opportunity to take a wide variety of courses in media and technology. Once you have found an interest to focus on, you can take advanced level courses in those subjects to further develop the skills necessary to succeed.

What is your favorite IDM class so far and why?

My favorite IDM class is Visual Foundation Studio because it was where I first developed my interest in graphic design. I was able to use design tools, principles and skills learned from the course, combined with feedback from the instructor to create a meaningful end-product for a small business.

What companies have you done internships with?

Interaction Design Intern at Verizon, Counselor at Tech Kids Unlimited

What are your career goals?

UX/UI Designer

What’s your favorite spot in Brooklyn?

Patsy’s Pizzeria

Who are the artists / designers / creative technologists that inspire your work?

Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Susan Kare, Josef Müller-Brockmann, Steve Jobs, and Jonathan Ive

What is your favorite media title? (i.e. book, website, game, music, performance, etc.)

Lonely Planet