Aerobiome Project at the 8th Annual Urban Soils Symposium – Metabolism of Cities
Recordings Now Available on YouTube

You can watch Aerobiome Team (Diedre Brown, Harry Trethowan and Progga Bhuiyan) presenting their research check out YouTube channel to catch the Metabolism of Cities presentations, available now.

2023-03-10 Exhibit

Holobiont Urbanism at @dataxdesign for @nycopendata week hosted by @primeproduce. Physical installation and Gene Zine by Tori Coleman, Sheila Atieno, Ands Sanchez with Elizabeth Henaff. This custom built Langstroth hive hosted a multilayer diorama with moving images, maps, found objects and visualization of the NYC Open Data «entitation» dataset as well as the latest issue of the Gene Zine.

2022-09-16 Journal Article

Bhattacharya, Chandrima, Braden T. Tierney, Krista A. Ryon, Malay Bhattacharyya, Jaden J. A. Hastings, Srijani Basu, Bodhisatwa Bhattacharya, … Christopher Mason. 2022. “Supervised Machine Learning Enables Geospatial Microbial Provenance.” Genes 13 (10): 1914.

2022-08 Conference

Phoebe Mankiewicz and Harrison Trethowan present at the International Microbiome and Multi-Omics Standards Alliance (IMMSA) conference hosted by the National Institute for Standards in Technology (NIST) in Boulder, Colorado.

2022-04-08 Press

Our work in Gowanus  bioremediation was covered in Curbed: “The Invisible Scrubbers at the Bottom of the Gowanus”, by Sasha von Olderhausen.

2022-04-01 Journal Article

Phoebe Mankiewicz, Aleca Borsuk, Christina Ciardullo, Elizabeth Hénaff, Anna Dyson
Developing design criteria for active green wall bioremediation performance: Growth media selection shapes plant physiology, water and air flow patterns, Energy and BuildingsVolume 260, 2022,

2021-08-18 Book chapter 

Hénaff, Elizabeth. 2021. “Metabolite: Material as Physical History of a Relationship.” In Atlas of Material Worlds, 281–324. Routledge.

2021-03 Elizabeth quoted in Nature Biotech’s Voices of Biotech Research

Annabi, Nasim, Matthew Baker, Alistair Boettiger, Debojyoti Chakraborty, Yvonne Chen, Kizzmekia S. Corbett, Bruno Correia, James Dahlman, Tulio de Oliveira, and Ali Ertuerk. 2021. “Voices of Biotech Research.” Nature Biotechnology 39: 281–86.