Gabriella Cammarata

My mission is to advance the practice of industrial design through smart and meaningful integration of emerging technology in consumer products. My passion for advanced manufacturing, design for children, and assistive technology have informed both my design practice and standards. A user-centered design process enables me to derive creative solutions from careful analysis of users’ needs.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in industrial design at the Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design in Turin, Italy. During this period I had an internship in Mexico City and continued on to work in design studios in Milan. Studying and working abroad has taught me first hand the delicate balance between communication, cultural norms and effective design. 

This lesson was reinforced when I attended NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering for my master’s degree. Being a creative professional in an engineering environment highlighted both the strengths and weaknesses of my design-saturated background. While at Tandon I was able to hone my research and testing skills while working on truly multi-disciplinary teams. 

Now I am currently at NYU Tandon resuming my interests as a Studio Research Coordinator, where I am getting students excited for the possibilities of physical design/prototyping and working alongside faculty on new methods of physical design printing and fabrication.

We live in a physical world. Technology will continue to advance and our physicality will continue to persist. Responsible industrial design takes into account the potential of emerging technology in order to enhance both our digital and physical products.

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