Tech Kids Unlimited (TKU) Engages 42 Students Who Learn Differently in Music and Coding

This past Sunday Sept. 22nd, TKU started their Sunday workshop with 42 amazing students in the new space 370 Jay Street! Tech Kids Unlimited (TKU) is a NYC-based not-for-profit organization that teaches computer science thinking and technology to kids who learn differently. Their mission is to open up the field of technology to students with disabilities, especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) to help them become the techies of tomorrow.

With this new co-hort of students, they have 42 bright minds eager and ready to become those techies. Their program model includes a 3:1 student to teacher ratio along with a social worker and occupational therapist in the classroom. This allows a good support system between the students and the creative technologists from Integrated Digital Media. With this they can give students more support as they teach them scratch for coding and reaper for audio production.

IDM is honored to host such an amazing program and be part of the world of accessibility they continue to foster!