Student FAQ

IDM Labs and Equipment

IDM Technical Department Website – information on labs and policies

Information on insurance requirements for equipment checkout.

Scholarships, Funding, Credit Costs

Questions about scholarships and funding 

Since the credit limit is 18 credits, if I take one extra credit, aka 19 credits, how much will that cost me?

Every credit over the 18 credit limit at NYU will cost per credit. How much that cost is can be found here for undergrad and here for grad students. Additional tuition and fee information can be found here.

Useful Forms

If you are changing Majors within Tandon:

Here is the Change of major form. Note that before filling out this form, you should get in contact with an advisor from the other program to see how your credits will transfer and if there are any other requirements for the change.

If you are changing majors cross school, ie I want to transfer from CAS Writing to Tandon IDM

Read up on internal transfers, scroll down to find how to apply.

If you are taking more than 18 credits, have a time conflicted class, want to take a leave of absence amongst other needs. Such forms can be found at the link below

List of forms


Does a withdrawal grade affect my GPA or affect anything?

Withdrawals do not impact your GPA, but you do not receive a refund for the class and the W will appear on your transcript.

Can I take classes at other schools in NYU and outside of NYU?

As student at Tandon undergrads have 4 courses they can take at any other NYU school outside of Tandon. Masters students may take 3 courses outside of Tandon. Courses outside of NYU should be discussed with your advisor.