If you are interested in finding out when breaks, final exams, and/or midterm grades are due; check out the NYU academic calendar.

For any questions about financial aid, work study, scholarships, and/or paying your university bills; check out info from the financial aid office. Their contact for Brooklyn is:

5 Metrotech Center, Dibner Hall, Room 201 
Brooklyn, NY 11201-2772
Phone: 212-998-4444

As an international student, some things to keep in mind are:

  • As an international student if you want to work at an external company as an internship you need the internship class
  • If you want help getting an internship here is some helpful information
  • For getting credits for your internship read up on
    • CPT which is offered at IDM
    • OPT 
  • Getting an SSN to be paid for your work

For more questions about international status, the Global Office in Brooklyn is:

5 MetroTech Center Room 259 
Brooklyn, NY 11201

If you have a disability and need appropriate accommodations for test taking and/or studying away; check out the NYU Moses center

Along with great academics we care about students having a well mind. To get support for anxiety or any mental distress reach out to the NYU health center

If you are struggling through courses due to personal distress, medical distress, or need a semester break to readjust, read more on taking a leave of absence

Check out NYU’s internship and employment services

  • Need resume advice, general interview tips, or a room to interview in check out Wasserman
  • If you need help figuring out a career path, reaching out to companies, and getting referrals check out Tandon career services
  • For applying directly to NYU and/or Tandon aimed jobs: TandonConnect | Handshake

P.S don’t forget that the best resource are the friends and people around you either at IDM or in other majors. Always be open to ask them for assistance, guidance, and their opinion because they may have an answer that reduces the amount of energy and searching you have to go through yourself.