IDM Speaker Series Resumes Fall 2019

Monday • 6.00 – 7.00 pm • Fall 2019
Level 2, Room 202, 370 Jay St


Monday Sept 30th
Jamer Hunt
Director, Transdisciplinary Design MFA, Parsons

Jamer Hunt collaboratively designs open and flexible programs for participation that respond to emergent cultural conditions. He is the Vice Provost for Transdisciplinary Initiatives at The New School, where he was founding director (2009-2015) of the graduate program in Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons School of Design. He is also Visiting Design Researcher at the Institute of Design in Umea, Sweden.

Jamer’s talk at NYU covered his research on designing at and for different scales, and what designers could learn from seeing and interpreting the world at different scales. His upcoming book on scale and complex systems, Not to Scale: How the Small becomes Large, the Large becomes Unthinkable, and the Unthinkable becomes Possible, will be published by Grand Central Publishing in March 2020.

Monday Oct 21th
Sha Hwang
Information Designer
Co-founder of Nava. Co-founder of cofounded Gifpop, Meshu, and Movity.

Monday Nov 4th
Amy Hurst
Director of the NYU Ability Lab

Elizabeth Henaff
Biodesigner and artist
IDM Faculty

Monday Nov 11th
Jabe Bloom
Systems designer.
Chief Flow Officer at PraxisFlow, a consultancy that helps organizations take a systems level view of their work.

Monday Nov 18th
Carla Gannis
Interdisciplinary Artist
IDM Faculty 

Tega Brain
Artist and environmental engineer
IDM Faculty

Monday Nov 25th
Salome Asega
Artist and researcher. 
Technology Fellow in the Ford Foundation’s Creativity and Free Expression program