IDM information page for Covid-19

This page was last updated on Monday March 23, 2020 at 3:20pm. It will continue as new information becomes available.

NYU’s courses are currently being taught online and will continue to be so for the remainder of the semester.

All IDM faculty and staff are working remotely. The 3rd floor of 370 Jay Street is completely closed until further notice. Do not come to the floor.


No school facilities are open. Our specialty labs are closed and keys have been removed from lockboxes. This includes the equipment room, XR Lab, Print Lab, Protolab, Black Box/Motion capture room, and audio lab. The MakerSpace, library, all of it is closed.

The IDM faculty and staff are working to address some of the academic needs our community have and discuss how to best address then. Some solutions we have in place include remote access for the high-end modeling 3D computers in the XR lab and Black Box studios. Thesis and Senior project students should consult with your instructors to

For all us, this means changing our expectations for the remainder of the semester – not only our syllabi and project expectations, but we need to be mindful of one another’s well-being too.

We have a great many digital tools at our disposal right now, Zoom, hangouts, slack, skype, google docs, git, etc. Be creative and patient in using these tools.