Charlotte Biszewski, IDM Artist in Residence

Charlotte Biszewski, b. 1988 in Bristol UK, is an award-winning printmaker, new media artist and researcher. Her work explores collaborative approaches to storytelling, through hybrid obsolete print processes and digital technology. She embraces the changing role of the contemporary artist, accessibly engaging audiences and avoiding traditional gallery spaces.

She is fascinated by the role of print from historical and contemporary perspectives, the implications of its process and permanent qualities in the digital age. Her work involves memories, oral history and storytelling, investigating traditional forms of communication in a networked and globalised world.

Since graduating from an MA in multidisciplinary printmaking in 2013, she led a collaborative multi-faceted project called, Bristol Set in Print. It investigated the role of the industrial print in Bristol, through a series of skill-share workshops, an award-winning documentary and a public installation. In 2017, she moved to Poland on a hunt to discover her family history. Poland with its regard for art and literature and extensive history of underground or ‘second circulation’ print media, inspired further research into the role of censorship and control in digital and print communication.

Currently studying a PhD in Digital and Experimental Print at Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. She was awarded the Visegrad Scholarship 2019, The Rebecca-Smith Award for Fine-Art Printmaking and The WCA Doktoral Award 2019 for her PhD research project.