Integrated digital media is excited about the advent of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and the merger that is extended reality. We have courses in building worlds, motion capture, and non-gaming narrative virtual reality where students learn unreal engine and it’s node based programming to develop for VR. We also have an augmented reality course where students learn Unity to develop for AR.

To foster these classes and student experimentation we have our XR lab with some of the latest gear in the industry
The XR lab is located in 370 Jay street 3rd floor room 348.

The lab has
– Oculus Quest Headsets (4)
– HTC Vive headsets (2)
– Oculus Go (1)
– 360 Cameras
– Google Cardboard
– Dedicated VR ready desktops and laptops for use in the Lab for development and testing
– Tri-wall projection