Fall 2019 Classes in Session

IDM Fall 2019 classes are in session! We are now in 370 Jay street for a majority of our courses. We have over 20 courses (undergraduate) listed below.

AUDIO FOUNDATION STUDIOVISUAL FOUNDATION STUDIOCREATIVE CODINGIdeation and PrototypingNarrative Cinema3D ModelingIntro to Game DevelopmentMotion …

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Motion Design @ IDM

Our motion graphics class, taught by Tim Szetela, took inspiring album covers and put them in motion. Here are some of the amazing results and the students who made them!

Dirty Computer by Janelle MonaeMotion by Gina Chee

Flower Boy by Tyler …

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Corinna Vong, IDM BS 2018

UI/UX and Graphic Designer who enjoys creating clear and intuitive experiences for users.

Website: corinnavong.myportfolio.com

What’s your hometown?

Cupertino, CA

Why did you choose IDM as a major?

Initially, I had an interest in video post-production. During my work on various video projects I began …

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