IDM Showcase Spring 2021!!

IDM Spring 2021 Showcase May 11-13 See it all at Join us for three packed evenings of talks, performances, and video highlighting and celebrating the innovative and exciting work from IDM graduate and undergraduate students accompanied by online and VR galleries. Daily Highlights Tuesday May 11: Evening presentations and …

Kazi Rahman

Kazi is an individual who is profoundly into tech, as well as an advocator on going ‘green’. Once a Tandonite as a student, he now ecstatically joins Tandon on the Integrated Digital Media team!

Featured student Tamanda Msosa

Tamanda is a creative technologist/tinkerer and student of life who creates installations, things and experiences using physical computing and functional programming interdisciplinarily. He has an MS in Integrated Digital Media from NYU Tandon and BTech in Emerging Media from New York City College of Technology. He has previously showcased his …

IDM Showcase 2020!

IDM’s first Virtual Showcase happens on Tuesday May 12 from 3pm-9:30pm at See the schedule here : A series of synchronous and asynchronous events celebrating the work produced by NYU’s Integrated Digital Media Program students IDM will be hosting their first virtual showcase to display Graduate Thesis works, …

DIY Assistive Technology

Faculty Amy Hurst As the Internet and web-enabled technologies become ubiquitous and there is greater need for web-related jobs, there is a lack of diversity and representation by persons with disabilities. One factor contributing to this is that the production of web technologies presents various accessibility barriers for individuals that …

P5 Riso Printing

Integrated Digital Media Faculty: Tega Brain, Luke Dubois With the increase in time people spend looking at screens, comes the necessity of better understanding how to deal with digital images and graphics. Knowing how to manipulate images through programming is an emerging way of digital design, which is why the …


Integrated Digital Media Faculty and PI Kathleen McDermott The Sunbots project is an exercise in speculative design, centered on crafting robotic appendages for houseplants. The robotic base, recharged by solar panels, gives the plant autonomous motion to search for sunlight. As an open-source project, a core objective is to create …

Gabriella Cammarata

My mission is to advance the practice of industrial design through smart and meaningful integration of emerging technology in consumer products. My passion for advanced manufacturing, design for children, and assistive technology have informed both my design practice and standards. A user-centered design process enables me to derive creative solutions …

Student Research Colloquium

Integrated Digital Media (IDM) is excited to be joining Liberal Studies in their fifth annual Liberal Studies Student Research Colloquium on Friday, March 27th, 2020. We invite you to join us for a Keynote Presentation featuring renowned artist Beatrice Glow. Glow is an interdisciplinary artist leveraging experiential technology collaborations (including …

Equipment Room

Insurance is needed to rent equipment. Our equipment room is located in 370 Jay street Room 366.

We have
– Cameras
– Lighting Kits
– Headphones
– Mics
– Kinects
– Projectors
– Speakers
– and More

Here is a more specific list of IDM equipment.
Note this list may either be missing equipment or have equipment listed we no longer have due to broken or lost items.

Print Lab

With courses in visual foundation and comics and visual storytelling, we also try to equip our students with print technology to allow for maximum creativity. To allow that we have:Located in 370 Jay street 3rd floor room 351– Risograph printer (which has a club and research around it)– Large format …