2 Nights 1 Exciting IDM Showcase

2 Nights! 2 Amazing showcases of IDM student work.

For the first time, the IDM showcase is broken into 2 excitement filled nights.

The first night is a live performance: Space Euphoria: 1 Night, 13 Performances. Happening at the Flea Theater, 20 Thomas St. New York NY 10007, this will be a fusion of audio-visual stimulation that connects the science of light distortions and the creativity of storytelling.

Still of Circular Concentric Ringed Wave With Mouse Pointer in the Center From Alexander Wing & Jiwon Shin

Alexander Wing & Jiwon Shin play with a pointer as a source of both chaos and control.

Newspaper with dark smudging of what looks like a mans face by Aryan Easwaran

Aryan Easwaran’s work dances around print media and the obscurity of the person behind it.

A black hole in the middle of what appears to be the cosmos by David Verghese
Combination of light that make an angel-wing like image by Dominique McBride and Michael Nelson
A light projection across a sidewalk with a shadow of a person at the bottom right corner by Leslie Martinez

You can RSVP at this link

The second night showcases all the various works of IDM students. From how they explore design in VR, culture through installation work, and engage people to think through gamification, photography, and interactive experiences.

This is happening May 17th from 6 – 8:30pm @ NYU Magnet

Two people holding hands walking through a park with a noise effect on the photo by Lucas White and Melissa Canavan (Till I see You Again)
A showing of the city scape, waterfall, and Antarctica with penguins on one street by Juston Dormitzer (Worlds)
A top down view of pomegranates on a light pink background by Valeria Pinto (Edible Palette)
A braille stamp above laser cut letterings that spell out details by Ankita Deshpande (SeeUX)
Two people meeting at a cafe with a neon light above them named Lupe’s by Ari Bennett (Rendezvous)

You can RSVP at this link.

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